Weird Criminal Law Stories 26

More weird criminal law stories for your consideration.  They just won’t stop coming.

Washington, DC: This D.C. thief made it too easy.  Not only did he leave a fingerprint behind – he left his whole thumb.  He had made off with cash from a D.C. brothel but he left the key piece of evidence behind when a hooker wrestled with him and the machete he was carrying sliced off his thumb.  Police caught up with him at a hospital emergency room.


Wisconsin; This may or may not be what they mean by marking your territory,  Torey Devaux, a Wisconsin man, sought revenge on his roommate who refused to have sex with him by peeing on her dog.  Devaux then shoved the woman’s sister into a wall and punched out a window.

Yes, the answer is yes…he was drunk!

Vienna, Austria:  This just was not funny!  An Austrian tram driver was fired after bidding farewell to passengers with the Nazi salute “Sieg hiel!”  When the passengers booed him, he responded by saying, “Can’t you take a joke?”  The transit authority didn’t see the humor, though and called the statement “unspeakable.”  Use of Nazi symbols in Austria is a crime,

Sieg hiel my butt! Indeed!

Bangladesh:  Investigators flushing out corruption in Bangladesh discovered that a government department hired 122 workers to fix a single toilet.  The plumbing job was among more than $4.8 million thought to have been misappropriated by the state-run Bangladesh Telecommunications Company.

Must have been a solid gold toilet!

Wigan, England: Police investigating reports of a person stuck up a chimney in this English town found a wedged naked man.  He had tried to make a getaway up the flue after breaking into a store.  Cops could not explain what happened to his clothes.

And we don’t really want to know what happened to them either!


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