Weird Criminal Law Stories 29

Birdsong brings you another insptallment of weird, but true, criminal law stories.

Auckland, New Zealand: a New Zealander who raped a woman in his car was arrested after he fell asleep and she drove him to a police station.  Vipul Sharma, 22, was convicted in November, 2008, of abduction and rape for the attack which occurred in 2006 in an Auckland park.  After the assault he fell asleep – and woke up only after the victim had driven to the city’s central police station.  Police Detective Simon Welsh said, “She showed a lot of bravery and common sense.  I have nothing but respect for what she has endured.”

Sometimes the worm turns…

Kennewick, WA: A nut job in Washington State thought it would be funny to stroll into a bank on Halloween of 2008, dressed as a terror bomber, complete with fake explosives wrapped around his body.  The police disagreed.  The 39 year old man donned a white robe, turban and a very realistic-looking fake bomb when he walked into the U.S. Bank branch in Kennewick, only to be stopped by police on his way out and ordered to lay on the ground.  Police said the man, who may face charges, thought it would be a funny gag.

He sounds like “El Stupido” to Birdsong

Ohio: An Ohio woman who was cleaning out her home found a book that she had checked out of a Tulsa, Oklahoma, high school library 61 years ago – and mailed it back, with a $250 check to cover late fees.  “I sent it back just because I value the education I got at that school,” said Martha Jarrett.

Sounds like she also may have also learned some good values at that school, like honesty.

San Fulgencio, Spain: A British expatriate who lives in Spain and speaks only a few words of Spanish recently became the mayor of the town, after the entire town’s political hierarchy was arrested for corruption.  Mark Lewis was the only member of the town council not arrested “it’s only temporary, I hope” said Lewis.

The place sounds worse than “Sin city.”

Louisiana: No love in this one.  A Louisiana man who offered to help his girlfriend renovate her home landed in trouble with her – and the police too – when he used $10,000 worth of stolen cabinets for the job.  He also used carpet that he had ripped up from another burglarized home.

Perhaps, once in  prison Bubba will love him.

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