Krystal's Writings 4

Birdsong’s daughter Krystal passed away in September 2008.  In sorting through her personal effects Birdsong found some of ther “poems”  she wrote while in high school.  Birdsong has been sharing them with a wider world.  Here are two more short ones.  I wonder what was on this child’s mind?


Lovely things, as the notes soar.  Fly by the fingers of their temporary servants.

Why no sunshine?

How come no moons?

When the sun shines in my eyes and the face.  Of whom? No one to me

Krystal Birdsong 12/2/97


The soft dress of Innocence quietly brushes the face of a five-year-old, radiating all around to those less fortunate.  Too bad she has withered away for me.

Krystal Birdsong 12/10/97

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