Krystal Birdsong's Wrtings 3

Birdsong has found some of his daughter Krystal’s poetry written while she was in high school.  Krystal was a wonderful child and I wish that she was still with us.  I found these poems in a “composition book” she kept while sorting through her effects.  I do not know whether Krystal ever shared these poems with any one else…and I sure do not understand what they mean… but I thought I would share them with a wider world.  She wrote so well….enjoy.


Throbbing. Bumping. Jiggling of the trees in the wind.  Your true love, your only hate.  Once again your love.  Then some flowers  Beautiful, flowing, singing flowers.  That handwriting you’re oh-so-used to.  A warm kiss, some giggles, perhaps a rose.  A dying seal, a robbed house.   A fatal accident.  And once more….  Throbbing.  Bumping.  Jiggling of the tree in the wind.  You know what I mean.

Krystal Birdsong  12/97


And a silver petal floats through the sky.  These words.  Words.  Random words as my penmanship goes beyond.  Beyond what?  Whatever you want.  Crazy am I always and forever.  Let my vehicle be yours as I slowly, surely, and skippily listen to my theme song.  All happy woodpeckers must live and die by the sickening words of…

That’s what always happens; my eyes get numb and I feel my beating heart becoming full of emptiness.

Oh!  The words that have flowed like wine…or is it water?  Questions, cliches, lumpy, darkening spots of my soul.  Live again!  Die forever.  Always aand forever.

Krystal Birdsong  2/98


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