Weird Criminal law Stories 27

Birdsong brings you more weired criminal law stories for your reading enjoyment.

Malaysia: Recently a Malaysian man was charged with assaulting his neighbor by putting centipedes in his bed.  Some centipedes are poisonous.  However, it was unclear whether any of the ones in this case were deadly. The man faces up to three years prison and a caning.

Pretty stiff fine for centipedes.  Perhaps he was charged a day for every leg of the centipedes…that would be poetic justice.

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas officials hope that their latest tourist attraction will be one of the city’s biggest hits.  Sin city, next year, will open it new Mob Museum, to showcase its colorful past in organized crime.  Just to add to the realism, the word “Mob” will be blacked out on the logo – like redacted sentences on court documents.  The museum will be housed in a former federal courthouse downtown.

More poetic justice!

Japan: A reluctant groom chose to burn down the hotel where his wedding was set to take place rather than go through with the marriage.  Tatsushiko Kawata, 39, had gone along with the wedding plans despite already having a wife.  No one was hurt in the in the blaze, but the bride’s feelings certainly were hurt.

This conduct went way, way beyond having cold feet!

Vienna, Austria: Nothing was going to stop this Austrian man from making an immediate and personal complaint to the police who busted him for drunk driving.  So he did not bother to wait until he sobered up.  He drove over to his local police station in Vienna – still drunk to make his complaint.  Now he faces two DWI charges.

Double you pleasure…double your fun…

Monroe, WS: A crook floated down a river to keep from being sent up the river.  He pepper-sprayed an armored-car driver and then used a very nontraditional getaway vehicle. He ran to a creek that empties into the Skykomish River and floated off to freedom on an inner tube.

That’s better than letting your fingers do the walking.


Lakewood, CO:  A man left a “tip” that clearly did not please his waiter.  The Lakewood, Colorado resident was surprised to find a topping he had not ordered on his tacos – a small bag of marijuana.  The man promptly called police about the waiter and the waiter was quickly busted.

I’ve heard of the “French Connection” but the Taco Connection?  Come on!

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