Weird Criminal Law Stories 30

Birdsong wonders where they get these stupid people.  Here are a few more weird criminal law stories that are all true.

Florida: A Florida couple was arrested in November, 2008 for brawling over the woman’s missing false teeth, which police later found behind their TV. “You’re going to tell me where my teeth are or I’m going to kill you!” said Louise Deeringer, 56, as she gave chase to her boyfriend, Guy Dugas, with a kitchen knife during an argument police said.  Shortly beforehand, Dugas had been giving Deeringer what she told police were “flying lessons” – tossing her in the air and onto the kitchen floor.

With that kind of conduct she should not be allowed her teeth for at least 30 days.

Cincinnati, OH:  Hello criminals – you are supposed to dispose of evidence – not create it!  Police in Cincinnati were easily able to track down a man who stole a deaf woman’s telephone after he snapped pictures of himself with the phone’s camera. When the woman got a new phone and downloaded the snapshots from her account there was her thief staring right at her.

A dumb criminal for sure, but Birdsong is still stuck on why a deaf woman has a cell phone….

Minnesota:  A couple in this state was stunned to find a bag of crystal meth and $85 in their 7 year-old son’s trick or treat bag.  Police say the bag had a street value of $200.  Apparently, an older kid had run by the couple’s son and his sister and dropped the dope in the boy’s bag.

The lesson for parents is always check that trick or treat bag when the little ones return home.

Benton, IL: Wonder if these cops got paid chicken feed.  Police in Benton arrested an aggressive rooster that confronted a woman and a child.  Officers detained the cock after what Chief, Mike O’Neill described as a brief scuffle.  No one was injured, and the rooster was thrown into jail until its owner came to bail it out.

Now, that was one tough rooster!

Boise, ID: An Idaho man was charged with stealing $1,000 worth of cold cuts from a Boise grocery store.  Police say the ham-handed man went to an Albertson’s loaded up a cart with packaged meats, and wandered out without paying.

Sounds like one hungry thief.

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