Weird Criminal Law Stories 58

Birdsong presents a few more weird criminal law stories from overseas.

United Kingdom: Holy flying feces!  Thieves sneaked onto the property  of an English businessman who subsequently set up a giant catapult to hurl dung at intruders trying to break in.  Joe Weston-Web’s unorthodox precaution caught the attention of authorities who said it was illegal, so he dismantled it.

Yep!  Who flung poo?

Saudi Arabia:  A Saudi man has divorced his wife via text message, and a court has finalized the couple’s split.  Under  strict Sharia law, a man can divorce his wife by uttering the phrase “I divorce you” three times — exactly what the man thrice transmitted.

Ahhh…divorce on the Internet.

Poland:  A  Polish driver is facing a prison sentence after a “dead” deer he left on the back seat of his car regained consciousness.  Dariusz Kaminski, 25, told police he had picked up the deer from the side of the road in Lublin, thinking it had been killed by a vehicle.  But the merely stunned deer woke up in Kaminski’s parked car, and he was charged with illegal possession of a wild animal.

Oh Deer!

Sweden: Taxes, right, taxes!  Swedish officials said they are launching a months long crackdown on online Web-cam strippers to identify who isn’t paying their taxes on the fees they charge.  Officials estimate the government is losing $5 million a year in taxes.

Aw, the officials just  want to see some skin.

China:  This may leave a mark.  A 16 year old student biking home from school in China was knocked to the ground by a corpse someone tossed out of a passing car.  Police believe the woman had been hit by a car and the driver was just dumping the body.

How ghoulish can you get!

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