Weird Criminal Law 69

Birdsong brings you a few more funny and weird crim law stories..

Detroit, MI:  As much as everyone dislikes the IRS this is still nasty.  An employee at the tax service’s Detroit office had been urinating in a freight elevator for months causing $4,600 in cleanup costs.  Treasury agents said Michael Hicks did it “because he felt he could get away with it.”  He has been charged with damaging federal property.

Imagine how much more it might’ve cost if he also had decided to poop…

Missouri: A soldier has gotten out of bigamy charges after claiming that he suffered post traumatic stress disorder in Iraq — and forgot that he was married when he got home.  William Rivera got a new bride in Missouri after the war — and his original wife found out about it when she saw a feature story about his second marriage on TV.  Rivera told officials he was so haunted by the war, he thought he had been divorced.  All charges against him were dropped.

Bet his new wife ain’t very happy!

Pittsburgh, PA:  A high school student in Pittsburgh is facing animal cruelty charges for using a snake as a jump rope in biology class.  Officials did not know what breed of snake was involved, but said it survived and had been examined by a vet.  The student  is being charged as a juvenile.


Boston, MA:  A Boston cop has been suspended for allegedly going on a ticket writing blitz near  the Statehouse on the same day lawmakers cut a program that boosted police pay.  Officer John Mullan handed out 15 tickets on the same day the state Senate slashed $51 million from pay hikes for cops with advanced degrees.

Maybe Mullan had a Ph. D.!

Safety Harbor, Fl: This was dumb!  A crook was arrested in Safety Harbor after allegedly robbing a bank he had also held up in 1991.  Donald Cummings, 42, who had done a 14 year stretch for the first  robbery was picked up by Pinellas County sheriff’s officers at a Regions bank branch.

It is obvious that he missed prison life….  So sad….

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