Weird Criminal Law Stories 78

Vancouver, B.C.: A fast nude got himself some fast food.  Police in Vancouver are on the lookout for a thief who snatched a customer’s order of french fries while running naked past a Wendy’s drive-through window.  Stunned employees, apparently looking elsewhere did not see his face.

What other part of his anatomy could they have been staring at?

 Chicago, IL: A Chicago man was busted for robbing a bank after he tried to deposit some of the dye-stained cash in another bank.  The man had made off with over $5,000, but the cash was ruined when the dye-pack that the tellers stuffed in the bag exploded.  He now faces federal bank robbery charges.


Quincy, MA: It pays to advertise — but not when you’re selling pot on the Internet.  a Quincy resident posted a Craigslist ad reading “420 help is here.  Give me a ring if you need some help.”  Marijuana-subculture legend has it that 420 refers to the after school time of day students would meet to smoke a little weed.  Of, course, it did not take long for an undercover cop to apprehend Christopher Gray for selling pot on the net.

Narcs are everywhere, man….

Austria:  Talk about getting high.  Stefan Hohenwart, an Austria student woke up in the cab of a 250-foot crane after a night of boozing with friends.  He has no idea how he got there!


Tuebingen, Germany: A thief in Germany was caught when he tried to sell a lawn mower online — to the man from whom he had stolen it.  “The owner went to inspect the goods and recognized the mower as his own,” a police spokesman said.  “Then he left and told the police.”  An arrest was made.


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