Weird Criminal Law Stories 79

Oswegatchie, NY:  Here’s a stinker!  A trucker hauling a load of manure went off the road in this upstate New york town after a wild turkey flew into the cab through the open window.  the truck rolled over in a ditch spilling its stinky load.  the driver wasn’t injured and the turkey escaped unharmed.  The driver was ticketed.


Deltona, FL: Eshon Hardy, 18, and Theodor Walker III, 20, were walking down a Deltona street at 4 am on a recent Monday morning when they were stopped by Sheriff’s Deputy Austin Littlejohn.  They told the deputy that they were walking home from a friend’s house, but could not remember the name of the friend.  the duo asked the deputy for a ride home.  They told Littlejohn that they were aspiring rappers, and while doing a dance for the deputy, Walker exposed an electronic device and power cord stuffed in his pants.  The deputy told them he would give them a ride home but he needed to search them for weapons or contraband.  They both agree to the search and the deputy found in their pants and pants pockets numerous cell phones and GPS devices, as well as a package of strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts. A neighborhood canvas by Littlejohn revealed that nine cars in the neighborhood had been burglarized.  backup deputies used home addresses entered into the GPS units to find the burglarized cars.  In one case, the only things missing was a bit of change and a package of strawberry Pop-Tarts.  Deputies think all of the cars had been unlocked.  Hardy and Walker were charged with burglary.and held in jail pending each making the $1,500 bail.

The Headline:  Pop-Tarts Leave Deltona Suspects Toasted!

Weeki Wachee Springs, FL:  A  Florida park worker has been fired after he got fresh with a mermaid.  Tommy Ervin of the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park allegedly made explicit comments to the perfomers in the park’s famous mermaid show.

Perhaps, Tommy said he wanted to zoom  zoom zoom on their boom boom booms…..

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