Weird Criminal Law Stories 89

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories. Enjoy.

England: A peg-legged, epileptic Alice Cooper fan was spared jail time after punching out a complainer at the aging rocker’s “School’s out for Summer” concert in England.  The slugfest began after John Lynch demanded calm from over-spirited Andrew Miller who had climbed up on his seat in front of Lynch, took off his shirt and prosthetic leg and waved them around.  Miller took offense and punched Lynch in the face.

Should we even describe someone as “peg-legged” these days?  Sounds more like a pirate.

Iowa City, IA: Here’s one way of taking care of your obligations.  An Iowa City teenager allegedly robbed a bank to get enough money to pay off the bond  for an outstanding warrant.  Charles Curry paid off the bond for an earlier theft charge after robbing an American Bank and Trust branch, and then went shopping at Wal-Mart, police said.  When he got home, police were waiting for him.

Little creep.

Long Island, NY: A Long Island teenager committed “car” arson.  The young man  from the town of Freeport, whose name was withheld, set his 1992 BMW on fire in mid-June 2009.  Then he told cops he did it “simply because he hated his car,” a cop said.


Haverford Township, PA: Seven suburban Philly kids had a sour encounter with police.  A neighbor called police to complain about youngsters — including 5-year-old triplets — selling lemonade door to door without a permit.  A cop dutifully informed parents that their children were breaking the law — but police brass later admitted the officer didn’t know the law does not  apply to anyone under 16.

Police try to criminalize everything!

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