Weird Criminal Law Stories 91

Harris County, TX: A 500-pound inmate was searched twice before he was sent off to the Harris County jail in Texas.  But guards never found the gun he’d hidden under the flabs of his own flesh.  The 25-year old man finally came clean to an officer before he was due to take a shower.

Fat chance he can beat a CPWL charge. Ha, ha, ha…

La Plata County, CO: A Colorado man was arrested and billed $30,000 for calling 911 to report a plane crash that never happened.  Police report that the 59 year old drunken prankster told authorities that 12 people had died in the crash and that his own arm had been severed.  Nearly 50 emergency workers responded to the call, which cost the County sheriff’s office $30,000.

We wonder if the prankster will pay the bill with his credit card?

Michigan:  Cops in Michigan arrested a man for barking at their police dog.  The officers had come to the man’s apartment complex to investigate a report of suspicious activity, and when they stopped him, he “began to torment” their dog by barking at it, causing the dog to become “very aggressive.”  The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

Almost as newsworthy as “man bites dog.”

Casper, WY: More doggone irony. A woman who tried to break into an animal shelter to free her beloved dog has been sentenced to 45 days in jail.  Jessica Johnson, 26, told the judge she felt her pit bull had been unfairly deemed a vicious animal, and feared that it was going to be put down.  She pleaded guilty to destruction of property and criminal entry.

Wonder what Michael Vick would say about this?

Chicago, IL:  A man who let loose an exaggerated yawn in a Chicago courthouse was sentenced to six months in jail for contempt of court.  Clifton Williams was watching his cousin plead guilty to a minor drug charge when he was overcome with sleepiness.  His cousin received two years probation.

Yep, boredom in the court…

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