Weird Criminal Law Stories 92

These weird criminal law stories keep on a comin’.  Enjoy a few more.

Rome, Italy: You might say these sisters were “hell on wheels.”  Roman traffic cops pulled over three Salesian nuns for speeding at 111 mph.  The normally angelic speed demons told police they were rushing to the Vatican after hearing that Pope Benedict XVI had broken his arm.

Yep, “hell on wheels.”

Rome, Italy: When Roman cops interrupted a mugging, no one was happier than the mugger himself, who had just grabbed a handbag from a woman in a group of Korean tourists.  It turned out everyone in her party was skilled in taekwondo.  “Thank you,” he told the police.  “I was being massacred.”


Ocean City, NJ: A Pennsylvania man who spent six years in prison for robbing a South Jersey bank was arrested again for allegedly trying to rob the exact same bank.  John Millison, 45, was released in November, 2008, but marched into the same PNC Bank in Ocean City in July, 2009, and held the place up, police said.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again….Nincompoop!

Gilmer, TX: Three people were injured at a church in Gilmer, as they prayed for a sign from God — and an out of control driver slammed his SUV through the wall.  The driver had accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and ended up in the auditorium of the Zion Hill Baptist Church.

Be careful what you pray for — you might just get it!

St. Paul, MN: The cloverleaf was unlucky for an alleged robber in St. Paul. The 32 year old suspect was arested for robbing a convenience store and gas station after witnesses told police about a distinctive cloverleaf tattoo on his left arm, the cloverleaf on his cap and the Celtic cross tattooed on his right bicep.


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