Weird Criminal Law Stories 104

Norwell, MA:  A couple, furious over slow service at a KFC restaurant in Norwell, pummeled a man who asked them to stop cursing because there were children around.  Jared Gargfagna, 31, and Sara Mohn, 24,  allegedly knocked him down and kicked him.

Sounds like a “secret receipe” to getting a beat-down….

Pennsylvania:  A woman walked into a Pennsylvania church and put a forged $50 check into the collection plate before stealing a wallet from a parishioner.  The bogus check came from a previously stolen checkbook, and the thief, who is still on the loose, used a credit card from the wallet to buy hundreds of dollars of goods.

She probably will not be absolved of her sins.

Taiwan:  A Taiwanese man went on a robbery spree because he was upset no one had celebrated his 33rd birthday.  The man robbed three stores in 23 minutes and was later found drunk and carrying $450 in cash.  He blamed his behavior on the birthday blues.  He got 5 to 10 years from the Judge.

The judge sure gave him his birthday licks!

Mexico:  Mexican police recently seized 2.6 tons of marijuana hidden in a truck full of rotting bananas that smugglers had hoped would mask the pungent aroma of the pot.

….seems the sticky-icky could not keep cops from the wacky-tobaccy!

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas police are putting the brakes on fast driving — by cops!   The department is reviewing driving guidelines, with an eye toward enforcing tougher standards for officers.  Police union head Chris Collins urged department brass not to go too far in curbing speed: “That’s all fine and good — until it’s your family we’re going to save and we get there three minutes too late.”


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