Weird Criminal Law Stories 105

Alabama:  An Alabama woman was arrested after putting her 13-year old daughter in a cardboard box on the roof of her car as they sped down a highway to make sure it did not blow off.  Jackie Knott, 37, told police she thought it was safe because she had secured the box to the  roof of the car with a clothes hangar.

Bad parent!  Bad, bad parent!  Shame!

United Kingdom: Two Britons in their 70s got the bright idea to rob a store by having one distract the shopkeeper with questions about light bulbs while the other stole merchandise.  Richard Mulhearn and James Adams were later arrested after the store employees caught on to the cartoonish plot and checked  the surveillance video. Mulhearn’s lawyer said he did it “to get money for some drink,” and is sorry.

Alcohol…..the root of so much misery….

Ontario, Canada:  Canadian police fined a truck driver $290 for smoking in his vehicle because it is his workplace.  The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking in an enclosed workplace, and that extends to work vehicles, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

How silly.

North Carolina: Jesse Ray Hardy Jr., 44, spent last week in a North Carolina jail — when police really wanted a man with the same name who is 23 years younger.  When prosecutors, the bailiff and the  judge realized they had the wrong guy, they pitched in to buy him lunch and a bus ride home.  The 21 year old Hardy is still at large, wanted for breaking and entering and resisting arrest.

Who will buy Hardy a new reputation??

Detroit, MI:  A store in Detroit was shut down after authorities uncovered a $130,000 scam that had food-stamp  credits being used for Viagra, liquor and porn.  The recipients would get the non-allowable items and cash in exchange for deductions from their food assistance debit cards, with taxpayers footing the bill.


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