Weird Criminal Law Stories 106

New Hampshire: Two inmates in this state recently requested that their jail sentences be extended because of the country’s fiscal slump.  “Jail isn’t looking as bad,” wrote one of the inmates.  Their requests were denied because officials said jail “is not a homeless shelter.”

Yes, we know they are prisoners of the bad economy…Ha, ha, ha, ha….

Sevierville, TN: A couple in Sevierville celebrated their marriage by breaking into the chapel afterward and stealing $500.  “The jail may have to get a honeymoon suite, because that’s where they’ll spend their honeymoon,” said the angered owner of the wedding chapel.

What creeps!

Lebanon, PA: This is about a real “pothead.”  Police in Lebanon arrested  29-year old Cesar Lopez after spotting him in a convenience store with a bag of marijuana stuck to his forehead.  Lopez was walking out of a restroom, gazing anxiously into his baseball cap.  “Is this what you’re looking for?” asked the arresting officer, before plucking the dime bag off Lopez’s head.

El Stupido!

Hungary: The entire police force of a Hungarian town walked off the job after winning a $16 million lottery jackpot.  All 15 cops in Budaors resigned on the spot when their numbers came up.

Bet you would have retired too, if your numbers came up!

Germany: A Berlin bordello is offering discounts to “green” customers who come by bike rather than car.  “It’s very difficult to find parking around here, and this option is better for our environment,” said House of Desire owner Thomas Goetz.

Going green is all the rage…

San Antonio, TX: This old timer from Texas doesn’t like rocking to the beat.  The 83-year old man allegedly shot his musician son who had refused to stop playing the drums in their home.  The bullet likely just grazed the son’s scalp.  Still, the old curmudgeon was charged with aggravated assault.


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