Weird Criminal Law Stories 107

Hi folks! There seems to be a goodly number of weird robbery stories out there. Take a gander….

Maldegem, Belgum: A clerk in a shoe store in Maldegem called police to complain about a bizarre robbery. One shoe had been stolen. Police easily tracked down the suspect — a one-legged amputee. An arrest was made.

No need for Sherlock Holmes on this one!

Springfield, MA: Massachusetts police are hunting for two men who robbed a woman after she walked into a pub and flashed $27,000 in cash. The woman bragged about getting the money in an insurance payout. The men waited for her outside the bar with a gun.

Heard the one about the idiot with money who walks into a bar…..

Indianapolis, IN: An armed robber walked into an Indianapolis check-cashing store and, when the clerk started crying and talking about God, the gun-toting thief prayed with her. Then he walked off with $20 — before his guilty conscience made him turn himself in the next day.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord. The sinner is saved.

Germany: May as well have one last hurrah before going up the river. A 41-year old German man called in by police for questioning about a robbery popped and robbed a shop on his way to the police station. When he arrived, police noticed he bore a striking resemblance to the description the shopkeeper had just called in.  Plus, he had the stolen loot in his car.

What a numbskull!

Duluth, MN: This one is not about robbery.  This one is about a guy who had his beer and drank it, too.  Dennis LeRoy Anderson was charged with DWI after crashing his motorized La-Z-boy lounger into a parked car as he motored away from his local bar in Duluth.  Anderson, 62, who had had nine beers before hopping into the contraption, claimed he was driving fine until a woman jumped in front of him, knocking him off course.

Cherche La Femme, as the French would say.

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