Weird Criminal Law Stories 111

India: His love life stinks. An Indian man is suing grooming-product maker Axe for nearly $43,000 because he hasn’t landed a date in seven years. Vaibhav Bedi, 26, said he used the company’s body washes, shampoos, antiperspirants and hair gels, without luck. The woeful Romeo claims psychological damage.

Maybe it’s bad breath!

Colonie, NY: The crime matched the costume. A man dressed as a Breathalyzer unit for Halloween was arrested in Albany County for DWI. Theodore Piel, 24, actually refused to take the Breathalyzer exam, but still faces DWI charges. Arresting officers noted Piel’s glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol, officials said.

Poetic justice…

Cyprus: Maybe this guy realized he was on the wrong flight! Police in Cyprus are looking for a Greek sailor who bolted from an Athens-bound Cyprus Airways jet by opening the rear exit and sliding down an emergency chute just before the plane took off. The 28-year old man jumped an airport fence and vanished. There is an arrest warrant out for him for breaking civil aviation safety regulations.

Takes chuptza

Johnson City, TN: Police in Tennessee say a mechanic steered business his way by disabling parked cars outside a local restaurant and then taking fees to fix them. Mechanic Christopher Walls allegedly waited in the parking lot for the vehicle’s owners to return to their cars, then charged between $40 and $200 to fix them.

What a chump!

Columbus, OH: Residents here are complaining about police officers telling them to move if they think their neighborhoods are overrun with crime. Two local council members said they’ve received 20 calls from constituents complaining about the cranky cops.


American Forks, UT: Four teenagers here got a disorderly conduct rap for “rapping” their order at a McDonald’s drive thru. They said they were only imitating a YouTube video that begins, “I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce.” But employees at the store said they were holding up the line, because the clerk didn’t understand rap.

Good they didn’t talk about the shizzle on the pizzizal…

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