Weird Criminal Law Stories 112

Conway, SC:  Here is a follow-up to the horse and buggery story from late autumn 2009. A South Carolina man caught having sex with a horse was sentenced to three years in prison in early November, 2009, after pleading guilty for the second time in two years to abusing the animal. Rodell Vereen was also ordered never to go near the stable where the horse owner caught him and held him at gun point. He apologized after admitting to buggery at the Horry County Courthouse. The owner of the horse, Barbara Kenley, had been staking out the stable after setting up a surveillance camera and taping Vereen’s assault on her 21-year old horse, Sugar.

Vereen was obviously in love with Sugar!

California: A clerk at a Christian bookstore in California was arrested after he allegedly put a camera in the restroom. Police caught on when a woman noticed the camera. A review of the tape showed the clerk placing the device in the restroom.

Wonder which commandment he violated?

Manassas,VA:  This is a story from last Halloween. A mystery ghoul spent the week leading up to Halloween stealing pumpkins displayed on lawns and porches in Manassas and returning them carved for the holiday. No suspects have been apprehended.

Why bother the police with this one. The thief  is obviously out of his gourd!

Sweden:  A Swedish father whose devastated daughter lost her pet rabbit when a hungry eagle swooped down into their yard called police to report the bird for murder. Police went through the law books but were unable to find any part of the penal code that made animals just being animals illegal.

That dad was a dummy!

Clarksville, TN:  Police in Clarksville arrested a woman who kept calling 911 to complain that a man refused to marry her. Hee Orama, 34, made multiple calls to say the guy promised to get hitched and then chickened out. A week earlier, she kept calling 911 to report she could not find her car.


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