Weird Criminal Law From Overseas

How about some weird criminal law stories from overseas. Take a gander…

United Kingdom: Freedom of speech has its limits! A British woman lost her appeal against a court ordered ban of her deafeningly loud sex sessions, which led neighbors to call police — thinking someone was being killed. Caroline Cartwright, 48, said it was a violation of her human rights, but a judge said it was actually just a “nuisance.”


Spain: Spanish customs officials seized more than $1.5 million worth of bogus cigarettes that had been filled with rabbit droppings rather than tobacco. “They stunk.  The smell just as you would imagine burning poo to smell,” an official said. Twelve smugglers were arrested unloading the “crap” from a boat from China.

Guess rabbit droppings are cheaper than tobacco!

United Kingdom: An English mother was fined $125 for feeding some ducks but was told her toddler son could carry on tossing bread because he was too little to be prosecuted. Officials say as an adult she should have known better. Vanessa Kelly, 26, says she refuses to pay the fine.

What a quack…

Australia: Teenagers in Australia made off with a huge stash of marijuana after they broke into a police station’s evidence locker. The teens managed to get in to the secure area by cutting a hole in a fence with a set of bolt cutters.

Puff, puff, puff…

Germany: A man who stole a van outside a German circus was so terrified when he realized there was a lion in the back that he crashed into a wall. The thief apparently noticed what his cargo was only when the big cat let out a bone-chilling roar. The cat was fine. The thief got away. No arrest was made.

The King of the Jungle wins again.

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