Weird Criminal Law Stories 117

Las Vegas, NV: Live strippers on the back of a truck is too much — even in Sin City. A Las Vegas strip club agreed to stop an ad promotion that involved hauling bikini-clad dancers around in a truck with clear plastic sides. “We’re going to respect the opinion of the folks that are against it,” said Larry Beard, marketing director of Deja Vu Showgirls. “We’re going to be good citizens and take it off the street.”

So much for our latter day Sodom and Gomorrah…

Bellingham, WA: A Washington man stole a pencil — and may land in the “pen.” The thief who had $600 in his wallet, walked into a Bellingham store and pocketed a mechanical pencil on sale for $5.95. When he was arrested police found that he had an outstanding warrant. Asked why he did it, he told officers, “I don’t know. Being stupid, I guess.”

Stupid, indeed!

Indianapolis, IN: He may have been a burglar, but he had a soft spot for babies. An 18-year old broke into a house in Indianapolis and was ransacking it, along with a pal, when he heard an infant cry. So he took time to heat a bottle of milk in a microwave and give it to another child in the house to feed the baby.

What charity. A burglar with a heart of gold.

Export, PA: A drunk Export man — desperate to go on a beer run — was arrested as he rode his lawn tractor to the store. Earl Broome, 63, reeked of alcohol and told a trooper he “drank a little” before heading out for more beer, police said.

The headline read: “Drinking and Tractors Don’t Mix.”

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