More Weird Florida Law Stories

Here are some more weird law stories from Florida. Perhaps they will give you a chuckle.

Florida: Oops! Parents of uninsured Florida children called the governor’s office for help and were directed to dial the toll free number of the state’s KidCare line. But two numbers were transposed — and they got a sex line instead. Callers were greeted with, “Hey there, sexy guy,” and offered a more graphic conversation for $2.99 a minute.

Some KidCare, I’d say…

Florida: He became a real meathead! Elsie Egan, 53, was arrested by Dunnellon police after she repeatedly slapped her live-in boyfriend in the face with a raw steak, all because he refused a slice of bread and asked for a roll. Egan was charged with abuse.

Temper… Temper…

Florida: This one is about a mystery that was too realistic and tragic. A Florida murder-thriller dinner train was halted after fatally striking a man lying on the tracks. Police believe the victim had fallen asleep. The train riders had paid $75 for a scenic train ride, five course meal and some dinner theater.

How does one happen to fall asleep on railway tracks?

Florida: This Florida man was so anxious to go to prison, he told 911 that he had killed his wife. When police showed up at Ronald Conkright’s St. Petersburg home, he couldn’t produce a body and admitted he was single. He then showed them 20 grams of marijuana on a table. “You can arrest me now,” he said. They did.

Idiot. Most people want to stay out of prison.

Florida: Claudia De La Rosa is the kind of team player any company would want. The Florida secretary was arrested after allegedly calling in a bomb threat to the Miami International Airport — just so her late running boss wouldn’t miss his flight.

Misplaced loyalty…

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