Weird Criminal Law Stories 128

Chicago, IL: Three armed, masked men barged into a Chicago home a week after Christmas 2009, and forced 11 people to take off their pants. They then shot one of the victims in the leg. The robbers then fled with the pants and televisions. Police speculate that the pants were stolen in order to get the victims’ wallets and to prevent them from chasing the robbers.

Someone should have called the “fashion police.”

South Carolina: Jurors had a “beef” with his wild side. A chronic shoplifter in South Carolina who claimed he was merely “massaging” — not stealing — $80 worth of steak he had stuffed beneath his shirt got a 10-year prison sentence. Mark Zachary had eight shoplifting arrests even before his steak caper.

Stick a fork in him — he’s done!

Palermo, Italy: A band of bungling thieves knocking off a jewelry store in Palermo abandoned a massive, 8-by-3-foot vault on the pavement after realizing it would not fit in their getaway car, said police. The crooks managed to make off with only 10 watches — each worth $4,000.

Next time they will bring a truck.

Pennsylvania: The wheels of justice were swifter than this getaway. A man who stole $50 out of his ex-girlfriend’s hands in a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart was quickly captured after trying to use one of the store’s motorized scooters to escape, say police. Problem is, it went only 5 mph. Graig David had escaped from a nearby hospital and approached his girlfriend while wearing a hospital gown.

Wonder if it was a mental hospital? Inquiring minds want to know…

Switzerland: What a “fine” mess. A Swiss court slapped a wealthy speeder with a colossal $290,000 fine. The record breaking penalty was levied because the driver is a repeat offender — and because he’s worth $20 million. The nation’s previous record fine was $107,000.

I won’t be driving during my next Swiss vacation!

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