weird Criminal Law Stories 133

Riverton, WY: Police say a man suspected of stealing a bottle of Schnapps from a Wyoming grocery store did not have the best escape route planned.  Riverton police say the 26 year old ran out of the store after grabbing the bottle of liquor and a package of cough drops and hid in a nearby building — which happened to be the town police station.  Police say the man then ran out of the police station, but not before a dispatcher had spied him on the station’s surveillance camera and alerted officers.  The man, who police say was drunk, was caught soon after.

Drunken dummy!

South Carolina: The Lord may not have approved of preacher Fred Armfield soliciting a hooker, but the Lord would have liked his thriftiness.  The South Carolina minister was accused of hiring a 40 year old prostitute named Melinda Ann “Truck Stop” Robinson.  He allegedly managed to talk “Truck Stop” down from her $10 fee to just $5, and paid her in singles.

Cheapskate preacher…

Colorado Springs, CO: A drunken father in the play area of a Colorado Springs McDonald’s ordered his kids to bite police arresting him.  Ultimately, the officers had to use a Taser to subdue Joshua Alger after he told his kids to “bite the officers’ faces off.”

He certainly won’t be named “father of the year” this year.

Washington, DC: When in the course of human events people decide to dance, they  better not do so at the Jefferson Memorial.  A judge in D.C. has ruled against a woman arrested for silently dancing in a group of 18 at the monument dedicated to the third president and author of the Declaration of Independence.  They were dancing to music on their headphones on April 12, 2008, the eve of Jefferson’s birthday.

If that is the law in D.C., then the law is an ass!

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