Weird Criminal Law Stories 135

Holland: The Dutch parliament has banned sex between humans and animals, cutting the world off from the biggest supplier of bestiality videos.  Experts say the Netherlands may supply something like 80 percent of the world’s bestiality porn.  Prior to the newly signed ban, it had been legal to have sex with animals as long as the nonhuman was not injured in any way.

Depravity will need a new home! Yuck… sex with animals!

Australia: A drunken Australian man was arrested after he tried to plant a kiss on a police dog and had to be subdued with pepper spray when he refused to leave the pooch alone.  The drunk was charged with assaulting a police officer — the canine cop.


Tennessee: This guy went from the doghouse to the big house to the unemployment line. A drunken off-duty Tennessee sheriff’s deputy had to be put into a police car’s dog cage after he was unable to perform a field sobriety test and then tried to kick out the cruiser’s windows on his way to jail.  Samuel Monroe Bledsoe, 47, was later fired.

Go figure!

Pittsburgh, PA: A San Francisco man took a double dose of his medical marijuana cookies and freaked out aboard a US Airways jet en route from Philadelphia to LA, screaming, dropping his pants and fighting with the crew, and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.  Kinman Chan, 30, was taken into FBI custody, which definitely harshed his mellow.

Take two of these and call your attorney in the morning.

Canada: A cold-blooded Canadian burglary suspect tried to hide from police by burying himself up to his neck in snow.  Police in Stratford, Ontario, said the suspect was fleeing from officers who had stopped his pickup.  He was treated for hypothermia after he was sniffed out by a police dog.

El stupido, eh?

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