Weird Criminal Law Stories 140

Los Banos, CA: This really wasn’t a crime, but perhaps, man’s best friend was a double agent for PETA.  A dog shot her owner while he was duck hunting in Los Banos.  The 53 year old man was wounded after he put his loaded shotgun on the ground and his black Lab stepped on it.  The red-faced hunter was released from the hospital after treatment for a minor wound.

Next time it may not be so minor…

Los Angeles, CA: Police were surprised after they arrested an 18 year old youth they thought was a pedophile lurking around an elementary school bathroom in LA.  Turns out he was just trying to buy a kid’s urine to pass a drug test.  Kevin Manuel Duron allegedly paid the boy $10 to pee in a cup for him.

Can we say Duron was not a “whizz” at getting out of trouble!

Sicily: One would think that the Sicilian police have enough crime on their hands.  However, officials have announced that they are reopening the unsolved double murder of a baroness and lover in 1563.  “Justice wasn’t done back then,” said Gaetano La Fata, the mayor of Carini who ordered the couple’s bodies exhumed.

Remember, there is no statute of limitations on murder.  However, it may be difficult to round up any witnesses.

England: A one-armed thief walked into a jewelry shop in England and stole a single $200 cuff-link.  The man had walked in saying he was looking for a present for his mother when he knocked a box of cuff-links to the floor.  Employees later noticed a cuff-link shaped like a boxing glove was missing.  Dr. Richard Kimble could not be reached for comment.

At least he wasn’t greedy.

Germany: Everyone would have been better off if this fellow had just ordered decaf.  A German man walked into an arcade and ordered a cup of coffee and then threatened to break the mug over the cashier’s head if she didn’t hand over the money from the register.

Bad customer!

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