Weird Criminal Law Stories 156

Connecticut: Police in Connecticut arrested a couple after entering their home in a drug raid and finding on a digital camera a video of their 3 year old son smoking marijuana.  In the video, the mother recorded the child lighting up a glass pipe with his father nearby.  The couple insists the child, now staying with other relatives, did not inhale.

They win this year’s “bad parenting” award.

Hillsdale, NJ: A man broke into a Hillsdale restaurant, took some chicken from the freezer and cooked it with rice in a frying pan.  He left the $200 that was in the cash register — plus a pile of dirty dishes.

Hey… he could have taken the money and still have left the dirty dishes!

Poland: A Polish nightclub security guard chopped off the hand of a badly behaved patron with a saber.  Witnesses said they spotted the guard chasing the 27 year old man out of the club and hacking off his limb before he got away.


Nigeria: A deranged Nigerian man who thought he had been sent by Jesus to punish sinners rammed his car into a parked plane on an airport runway.  Akin Olukunle screamed that all his fellow countrymen were sinners and must repent!

We know, the bible demands “Thou shalt not fly!”

Montana: A Montana man showed up drunk in court to plead no contest to his 11th drunk driving charge.  Thaylin Shawn Pierce, 49, was arrested after he drove from a casino that had thrown him out for being being too drunk.  Pierce has nine DWI arrests in Colorado and one in Wyoming.


San Diego, CA: A San Diego man, just out of the hospital after treatment for severe intoxication, was busted for allegedly stealing an ambulance there.  Paul John Sos, 52, had been found drunk and taken to Sharp Hospital.  He checked himself out and came upon an unattended ambulance with the keys inside, and helped himself to a ride.  Police tracked him down via the vehicle’s GPS system.


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