Weird Criminal Law Stories 158

Pennsylvania: What a doggone shame.  A Pennsylvania court has ruled that a disabled man cannot get extra food stamps to buy chow for his service dog.  James Douris, 55, a wheelchair bound veteran, says his dog should be considered a dependent, but the court ruled state welfare laws make it clear animals don’t count.

Bow wow….

China: We need child protective services on this right away!  A Chinese zoo is taking the heat for letting a 3 year old acrobat walk on a tightrope over a tiger enclosure.  Onlookers were horrified when the girl nearly lost her footing as a strong gust of wind shook her.


Florida: Florida police nabbed a man for illegally dumping a boat, by using satellite images from Google Earth.  The images showed the boat at Dwight Everett Roster’s home, and when confronted, he admitted dumping it on undeveloped shore front property to avoid an $18 landfill fee.  He now faces a $5,000 fine.

El Stupido!

San Diego, CA: A retired judge and his wife were injured in a Maryland drunk driving crash, caused by an intoxicated driver the judge had let off the hook 12 years earlier.  Edwin Collier, 86, a retired Montgomery County judge, had faced the driver, Rene Fernandez, 45, one time before — in his courtroom in 1998.  At that time Collier let Fernandez off with no jail time, even though he had been arrested for DWI twice in three months.

Poetic justice….

Poland: Mail order burglary?  Police in Poland discovered a clever thief had been stealing from businesses by mailing himself to their offices in large parcels.  He would climb out of the box after staff had gone home for the day and ransack the place.  He was caught after a falling out with an accomplice who tipped off police.

Brilliant… yet, stupid!

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