Weird Criminal Law Stories 163

Marietta, GA:  The New York Post recently reported that a man in Marietta was sentenced to life in prison after he confessed to killing his neighbor in 2008 with a knife and fork, puncturing her face, head and neck.  The violence was percipitated over a bad $100 check the man received for posing with another woman in pornographic photos.

The headline blared: “Keep the silverware well out of his reach.”

San Diego, CA: An off duty police officer just happened to be in line at the KFC when  Matthew Vough, 46, allegedly whipped out a chain, slammed it on the counter and ordered all the employees back into the kitchen. However, before Vough could get to the cash registers, the officer drew his gun and badge and ordered Vough to the ground.  He was then arrested.

You talk about Vough being in the wrong place at the wrong time — this was it!

Kentucky:  Earl Phillips was on the telephone with Kentucy state employee Natalie Brown going over his state income tax form when she noticed he was breathing heavily and seemed ill.  Ms. Brown verified his address and called an ambulance.  Phillips was taken to hospital where docors found he had a 90 percent blockage in one of his arteries.

Tax audits can do that to you.

Sullivan Island, SC:  What irony!  Legislators in South Carolina are considering a law making it illegal to sing, whistle, yell, shout or holler if anybody nearby is annoyed.  Yet, just over the state line in North Carolina, the National Hollerin’ Contest drew a big crowd to the town of Spivey’s Corner.  It is reported  that the winner delivered a hollering rendition of Gershwin’s “Summertime.”  Of course, you all know that the song is from “Porgy and Bess,” which takes place in South Carolina.

Those kind of laws never work well South Carolina.  Drop it!

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