Weird Criminal Law Stories 164

Germany: This is a weird one!  A German student who had an argument with some Hell’s Angels mooned the motorcycle gang, then tossed an innocent puppy at them in the Bavarian town of Allenhausen near Munich. The puppy thrower fled the scene on a bulldozer, but was soon arrested.  It is reported that the pup is in good condition and is being cared for in a shelter.

Can it be said that the “pup lived through hell?”

Ridge Manor, FL: Here is another dog story.  Christopher Bishop, 43, was checking under his ford pick up truck for an oil leak.  The vehicle was in neutral and the passenger door was open. Unexpectedly, Bishop’s dog jumped into the truck and knocked it into gear.  The truck rolled over Bishop.  His injuries were not life threatening.

Doesn’t sound much like the work of man’s best friend.

UTAH: Sylvia Beagley, 31, of Utah stole two cars and led police on a wild chase, all while she was naked.  She first stole a car from a man who was hanging roadside signs advertising his business.  Then, as officers chased her she bailed out of the car, leading police to chase her on foot.  She then doubled back and jumped into one of the empty police cars and took off before crashing.  She was given a blanket and placed under arrest.

We never learned why she was naked!

East Wenatchee, WA: A 21 year old man called the East Wenatchee police to report his sister.  Allegedly, the 17 year old sister had threatened him with the serrated edge of a spatula in a culinary argument.  It appears they had been preparing macaroni and cheese and the pair could not agree on whether they should use butter or margarine.

Butter is always best.

Johannesburg, South Africa: Police in Johannesburg could not stop a gang of thieves from stealing everything, including the kitchen sink, from a police station that had been renovated. The station was vacant during construction and when the work ended the thieves began stripping the place bare.

We have heard that crime in South Africa was bad!  This was real bad…

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