Weird Drunk Stories

Tampa, FL: A drunken man passed out on a pool float at a Tampa  beach  and drifted a mile out into the Gulf of Mexico.  The Coast Guard rescued the man, who was still unconscious when rescuers got to him.

The headline on this one provided: “Drinking and floating don’t mix.”

Kingsport, TN:  Police arrested Bobbie Cato, 35, in Kingsport when her car blocked the entrance to a convenience store parking lot as she lay passed out in the car with her legs dangling out of the window.  When aroused Ms. Cato told police  they would find “only a few drugs in her system.” Blood tests later revealed that  the few drugs  in her system consisted of Xanax, Lortab, and Phenergan.

Wow! What does she use when she has lots of drug in her system?

Lakemoor, IL: They say this next one takes falling down drunk to new heights.  A 30 year old woman in Lakemoor was so drunk, she fell out of a third story window, landed on her own parked car, and then walked to a neighbor’s house where she fell asleep on a couch for two hours.


Ypsilanti, MI: A drunken married couple were recently arrested in Ypsilanti after they were discovered trying to steal a bicycle.  Upon their arrest by Ypsilanti police they were found to be pushing a baby carriage that held the woman’s 1 and 4 year old sons and  a  bayonet, according to a police report.

Were they trying to be a sharp couple? Inquiring minds want to know…

New Zealand:  Paul Nigel Sneddon, 47, was drunk when he overturned  his car.  When he found himself in the car he opened another can of beer and drank it while he waited for rescuers.  Sneddon pled guilty to careless driving and DWI.  His lawyer, Peter Young, stated that when Sneddon found himself trapped, “he had nothing else to do… so he had another beer.”

Look, beer is what got him in trouble in the first place…

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