Weird Criminal Law Stories 165

Boulder, CO: Boulder police Sgt. Fred Gerhardt reports that he responded to citizens’ complaints of a man leaping between cars in a supermarket parking lot and pretending to shoot people with his fingers.  The report said the man leaping between the cars was dressed as a leprechaun.  Witnesses say they called the police because the man “was acting bizarre.” No leprechaun was found. No arrest was made.

Such citizen complaints would have had more credibility if they had been made on St. Patrick’s Day, but the incident occurred on the last day of June 2010!

Pennsylvania:  These thieves stole a few GPS units, some radar detectors and a DVD player from unlocked cars in Pennsylvania, but were caught and arrested when they forgot where they parked their own car.  They wound up wandering around the neighborhood until police came and arrested them with the stolen goods.

This was too dumb.  That is why we catch them.

Suffolk, VA: Police in Suffolk are searching for two men and one woman who stole more than $3,500 worth of Prilosec OTC off the shelves of a  Suffolk Wal-Mart store.  It has been reported that Prilosec is typically used to treat heartburn and ulcers, it is also favored by illegal drug users who take it to boost their high while on narcotics.

Groovy man….yeah….. groovy….Prilosec and Xanax.

Alexandria, VA:  Again, one those ironic stories.  A former priest and anger management counselor was arrested for allegedly assaulting two Alexandria men with a gun.  Jose Luis Avila blew his horn when he drove by the two men — who just happened to be U.S. marshals – because he believed they were standing in the road.  When the former priest thought that one of men made an obscene geture at him, he allegedly drew his loaded gun and pointed it at the marshals.  Avila received one year in jail where he has been ordered to undergo anger management counseling.

Ironic, no?

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