Weird Criminal Law Stories 166

Dyersburg, TN: The headline read: “Burglary is hard work.”  A 22 year old man burglarized a house in Dyersburg by smashing a window and kicking in a door.  This effort tired him out so that he fell asleep on the couch, where the homeowner found him.  Police were called.  An arrest was made.

What a pitiful crook…

Key West, FL: The Orlando Sentinel reported recently that  an Ohio man who got tired of  waiting  for his luggage at the Key West airport  decided to go get them himself.  Clinton McGhee, 27, from Cincinnati climbed on the luggage carousel and rode it around to the loading door at the tarmac.  He then fell through the door onto the tarmac where the general public is not allowed.  McGhee told a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy that “he had had a long day.”  The deputy arrested him for trespassing.

Sounds like a knucklehead.

England: A British soldier was forced to repay approximately $40,000 in benefits because of a photo taken of him at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.  The soldier, Martin Crowson, 53, had told the military that he had a crippling knee injury that prevented him from walking even short distances.  He was deemed unable to work.  However, when a vacation photo of him emerged showing stradling an alligator in Orlano the jig was up.

Yep, another knucklehead!

State College, PA: This isn’t a crime, but it is ironic. Seems two off duty coroners in State College, Judy Pleskonko and Debra Smeal, still in scrubs, were having dinner at a steakhouse when a 15 year old boy started choking.  Pleskonko perfomred the Heimlich manuever on the youth, and both women coached him to breathe until an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

The headline should read: “Coroners save the living.”

Newport Beach, CA:  We learn that a drug dealer from New Zealand was arrested recently in Newport Beach on charges of possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute.  During the arrest police found that Stephen Royds, 49, was keeping his much younger and dead girlfriend close before he was arrested.  For a year after the accidental overdose death of his 33 year old girlfriend, Monique Trepp,  Royds made her final resting place a plastic box filled with dry ice in his high price hotel room.

Downright ghoulish…..

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