Weird Criminal Law Stories 168

New Port Richey, FL:  An argument between two girlfriends over prescription drugs took a very nasty turn when one of the women used a cat litter box as a weapon against her girlfriend.  The victim blacked out during the assault but woke up later in her bedroom after the fight.  She had cat poop on her face, hair and ears and litter coating her head, according to police.  Yes, the assaulting girlfriend was arrested.

Not the kind of catfight most of us like to see!

Tennessee: We learn that a booze loving lady in Tennessee was so desperate to get wasted that she wolfed down two and a half bottles of vanilla extract, which contains 35 percent alcohol.  The lady received her wish.  She got drunk and then got arrested for DWI.


Edmond, OK:  A thief burglarized a pharmacy in Edmond and grabbed four hydrocodone bottles.  Unfortunately,  each of the bottles were filled to the brim with M&M’s by a pharmacist who had been ripped off of the narcotic before by thieves.  “It was very creative on the part of the pharmacist,”said a police spokesman.  “He had enough and when he decided to fill his medicine bottles with candy, it made  for a true case of sweet justice.”

Is “sweet justice” anything like Sweet Charity?

Washington, DC:  How about this!  A watchdog group sent a lawyer to the Food and Drug Administration’s headquarters in D.C.  What did they find?  They found at least three beverages that made phony health claims on their labels for sale in the cafeteria.


Ontario, Canada: Officer John Reurink stopped a tractor trailer swerving “all over the road” and discovered the driver was trying to perform dental surgery.  The driver explained that his tooth hurt, so he had tied a string around it and attached the other end to the roof of his cab.  “One good bump and the tooth should come out,” he said.

What an Idiot…

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