Weird Criminal Law Stories 169

Hollidaysburg, PA:  A woman in Hollidaysburg allegedly stole $2,000 from the jail where she had been incarcerated for theft.  When she was released, she got a check for the $6.95 remaining in her inmate account.  Using the routing number on the check, she was able to use jail funds to pay her utility bills and transfer $179 to her husband’s bank account, jail authorities said.

Yep, a stint in the joint always helps make them better criminals when they get out!

Cocoa, FL: Mike Schillmoeller was walking his dog when he saw a homeless man suspected of calling in bomb threats to more than 50 schools, hospitals and other places.  However, he didn’t get the $5,000 reward because he called 911 before tipping off the local crime hotline.  Schillmoeller,  who was understandably upset complained, “They want the public to help — but they don’t want to return the favor.”

That is so bogus!

Syracuse, NY: Two salesmen were charged with reckless endangerment of property after they destroyed a $1,300 mattress while trying to convince a homeowner to buy a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, no sale was made.

That sucks!

York, PA:  Police officials in York said a man broke into a church, spent the night sleeping there, then raided a pantry that held food for the poor to make himself breakfast.  He was arrested when police found his birth certificate, which he left behind in the church.

What kind of goofball carries his birth certificate to a burglary.

Fruita, CO:  The New York Post reports that Colorado may have to install new traffic signs after a woman driving along a dirt road in the town of Fruita crashed into a canal after she said she was startled by a vampire.  The woman told police she was so shocked, she brought her car to an “un-dead” stop, threw  it in reverse and landed in the canal. We learn she was not hurt.

It’s obvious she has seen too many of those Twilight movies….

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