Weird Criminal Law Stories 170

Russia: A 98 year old Russian woman who was very jealous beat her 78 year old husband because he was allegedly eye-balling a lovely neighbor.  In response the husband hit his elderly bride with a rolling pin.  No report on whether arrests were made.

Sounds like one of those May December marriages.  She’s 98 and he’s 78? Wow.

Romania: Here we go again.  A 72 year Romanian widow watched over the body for two weeks of her deceased husband.  She did this because she wanted to make sure he wasn’t faking his death in order to start a new life with his mistress.  The widow woman finally got the hint that he was truly dead when the body started to decay.  She then reported his death.  Police said the husband died of natural causes.

Phew!  Hope she is satisfied now!

Boston, MA: A Boston car dealer was approached by a  jumpy potential buyer who wanted to test drive a car on the lot.  Because the man was so jumpy staffers accompanied the man on the test drive.  When they returned to the lot the man pulled what appeared to be a hand grenade from his pocket and said, “Get back or I’ll blow this up.”  The man fled on foot when he saw staffers calling the police. The man was arrested by police soon thereafter.

Any word on whether the grenade was”live’ or not?

Dublin, Ireland:  The New York Post recently started a newsstory with the question, “Did you hear the one about the Irishman and the female penguin?”  Seems Police in Dublin are not laughing after pranksters snatched a 10 year old penguin from the city zoo. The penguin was found, unharmed, walking the streets nearby.

Nope, not funny at all…leave penguins alone.

Boise, ID: An Idaho man recently found weed in his weeds.  The  Boise man was pulling weeds out of an overgrown section of his yard when he discovered 28 marijuana seedlings in a tray.  He called police, who are looking for who ever planted them there.

Does this man have teenage kids??? Duh.

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