Weird Criminal Law Stories 171

Long Beach, CA: Why do they do such things?  The California Highway Patrol were deluged with calls after a naked man began walking down the middle of the highway and tying up traffic.  It was not just any highway, but the infamous I-405 freeway through Los Angeles.  Patrol officers detained the clothes free 21 year old man and sent him for a psychiatric evaluation.


Georgia:  A Georgia minister joined a lawsuit filed by a pro-gun group that seeks to overturn the state’s ban on firearms in places of worship.  The ban also prohibits gun in government buildings, schools, nuclear power plants and bars.

WWJD?  Would Jesus wear a handgun to the very Christian church he founded?

Duluth, MN: Do police now need waterproof vests?  Police in Duluth received a report of a driver brandishing a gun while driving down the highway.  When they pulled the driver over they discovered he was transporting a cache of Super Soaker waterguns.  No arrest was made.

Splish Splash…

Villa Roca, GA: A 29 year old Georgia man who lives with his parents drew a gun and held his mother hostage for six hours after she refused to iron his shirts.  He told police that he doesn’t do “women’s work.”

It’s probably time for him to get his own place…

Alabama:  Alabama prison officials had an inmate play the role of an escapee during a dog training exercise.  However, the inmate, David Hopkins, 37, took the drill very seriously.  He vanished into the woods outside the Limestone Correctional Facility.  After a search located Mr. Hopkins within an hour, he convinced the warden he had just gotten lost,

Yeah, right!

Norway-Swedish Border: It is reported that Nordic custom officials did not need a bloodhound to sniff out a smuggler.  Nope.  His pungent truckload of untaxed garlic gave him away.  He tried to sneak 28 tons of Chinese garlic from Norway into Sweden.  The smelly garlic is subject to a 9.6  percent European Union duty.

Sounds like an easy bust.

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