Weird Criminal Law Stories 172

Atlanta, GA: An attorney, James Mason, went on TV and contended that his client could not have committed the murders he was convicted of, because he would not have been able to drive from the Atlanta airport to the motel where the victims were killed in less then 28 minutes.  Mason offered a $1 million to some one who could prove him wrong.  A law student, Dustin Kolodziej, did prove him wrong.  Kolodziej clocked the trip at 19 minutes and recorded it.  Mason has refuse to pay.  Kolodzeij has now sued him.

Good move genius, but every law student knows such suits fail…

Brooklyn, NY: Here is an odd one reported in the New York Post. An auxiliary police officer officer acting as an enforcer for a south Brooklyn prostitution ring pleaded guilty recently to faking his marriage to the ring’s madam.  Levy Sharon, 57, married Ozoda Djalilova, the madam of the brothels, in February 2009 for $30,000 and claimed he was her husband on a green card application.  This is what they call a “sham marriage.”  Djalilova pleaded guilty to the same charges.  The ICE immigration agents who arrested them  also claim that Sharon dyed fish eyes in the basement of his house and passed them off as Russian caviar. He was not charged with that crime.

And why not!  How despicable!  Dying fish eggs in one’s basement is  a great fraud!

Manhattan, NY: Police report that Robert Cherry, who is incarcerated at the Tombs in lower Manhattan on a drug charge, swiped more than $1,000 in stamps and $100 worth of pens from the jail commissary when the officer at the window briefly looked away.  Officers recovered the stamps from Cherry’s butt during a strip search.  The jail officers went on to say, “We really don’t want to know where he stashed the pens.”

Bend over and spread them!!!

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