Weird Criminal Law Stories 189

Italy:  Parents at a Catholic high school in Milan have taken their children out of class because they say teacher and former beauty queen Ileana Tacconelli, 28, is too sexy.  She has not been accused of classroom wrongdoing, but some parents don’t like the idea that she once appeared in a racy video.


Longview, WA: Police wish to arrest a 26 year old Longview man for fleeing custody.  They want their handcuffs back, too!   Eric Michael Lair is on the run after opening the door of the police cruiser taking him to jail and fleeing.  There is a warrant out for his arrest for escape, and for taking handcuffs worth $29.

Seems he wouldn’t be hard to find unless he finds a handcuff key…

Somerville, MA:  It has been reported that a Massachusetts man was in “Jeopardy,” both on and off the air.  Mike Hodell who has won more than $20,000 on  the TV game show Jeopardy, told police that just before the third round, burglars broke into his apartment and cleaned it out.

He won and lost.  That’s life!

Burlington, VT:  We learn that thieves are getting into  the Take Your Daughter to Work Day phenomenon.  A burglar in Vermont was caught trying to break into a house in Burlington while he left his 3 year old daughter in his car.

El Stupido.

Manchester Township, PA:  Police in this township are searching for an armed robber who mugged a 92 year old man while he was at the cemetery visiting his wife’s grave.  The robber pointed a gun at Marlet Spangler’s face while he was paying his daily respects to his departed wife, Norma, and stole his wallet with $60 in cash.

My God!  How low can you get…

Sebeka, MN: Police Chief Eric Swenson of Sebeka reported that stun grenades, gas shotgun rounds, magazines loaded with pistol and rifle bullets, and a pair of night vision goggles had  been stolen from his home.  the red faced chief notified police authorities two days later that the mystery had been solved.  his children had taken the lethal weapons to their home built backyard play fort.

That was one well defended play fort!

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