Weird Criminal Law Stories 187

Tupelo, MS: A Mississippi lawyer was jailed by a judge  for failing to say the Pledge of Allegiance when everyone in the courtroom was ordered to do so.  Danny Lampley, who was locked up for contempt for five hours, is fighting the contempt charge on free speech grounds by citing Supreme court rulings from the 1940’s.

Oh…just go on and say it man. Did you forget the words to the pledge?

Arizona:  An Arizona man was stabbed by his two roommates after he refused to let them suck his blood.  Aaron Homer, 24, said his roommates were into “vampire stuff” and that he had let them suck his blood before.  However, they went wild when he refused to partake in their latest vampire activity.

I vant to suck your bud!

Morristown, TN: The New York Post reports that a funeral home worker in Morristown stopped a robber by throwing burial urns at him.  She found the man, armed with a knife and looking for cash, when she opened for business and scared him off by using the empty urns as weapons.

The headline said: “Her aim was dead on.” Yuk, yuk, yuk…

Chicago, IL:  A Chicago man jumped behind the wheel of an ambulance and drove off as two paramedics worked on one of his relatives in the back. Jimmy McCoy, 27, might have thought he was helping out when he drove the ambulance as his family member was being treated for a diabetic episode.  Lifesaver or not, McCoy was charged with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle.

What an Idiot…

Manitoba, Canada: A Canadian man broke into a garage and stole three large bags of empty beer cans.  However, when he tried to redeem them at a beer store, he got no cash because the store didn’t sell that brand.  Police caught up with the thief and he was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Can it be said that he will serve his sentence in the “can?”

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