Weird Criminal Law Stories 186

Germany:  This is not a crime, but we think that you should know about this.  It is 92 years since the guns stopped firing in World War I,but we learned in October 2010, that  the war has come to an official end.  Yes, Germany has made its final reparation  payment of $94.4 million to Belgium and France, as required by the Treaty of Versailles.

So Germany was not a deadbeat after all!  Who knew?

Phoenix, AZ:  A  jail inmate was left wearing nothing but his pink socks after scaling five fences in an attempt to escape before he was captured.  The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office spokesperson  said Clayton Thornburg, 24, lost his jail uniform and underwear to razor wire in his failed escape attempt.

It appears that razor wire actually does work!

San Diego, CA: A knife wielding robber wearing a King Kong mask  robbed a pet supply store in SanDiego and fled on foot.  No one fitting the description has been spotted.

The headline could have read:  “Was he bananas?”

Marion County, FL: A Florida grandmother tried to avoid a DWI arrest by offering to make a sandwich.  “come on now, I’m a grandma.  Can’t you do something for me since I’m not that bad,” Elise O’Conner, 65, allegedly told sheriff’s deputy Calvin Batts. “I could have brought you back to my house and made you a grilled cheese sandwich.”  The deputy declined the offer.

If he went home with her he might have had to bite off more than he could chew!

Eloy, AZ: Police authorities in Eloy said that in two recent burglaries, the thieves first cleaned out the homes they had broken into and then they cleaned themselves up by taking showers before leaving.

Why not!  Cleanliness is next to godliness….

Australia:  This is shocking news.  An Australian man was tasered 24 times by police and jail guards after getting arrested for refusing to comply with a strip search. The man was initially zapped with a taser 13 time after getting arrested.  Then in jail he was tasered 11 more times for bad behavior.



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