Weird Criminal Law Stories 195

Ocean City, MD:  This was one big baby! Joseph DiVanna, 47, got drunk on Halloween and decided to go out trick or treating.  His costume?  He wore a diaper.  He allegedly shouted profanities at adults and children who would not give him candy. We learn police arrested him for disorderly conduct.


Washington, DC:  The U.S. Secret Service recently reported that computers and printers are putting highly skilled counterfeiters out of business.  “There really is no craftsmanship or workmanship in this anymore,” said Special Agent Scott Vogel.  “If you are able to put apiece of paper in a copy machine and press a button, that’s pretty much all it takes,” he continued.

At least these counterfeiting jobs are not going overseas…

Uniontown, PA: How about this for a silly one.  A man in Uniontown waiting for the birth of his first child lit up a marijuana joint instead of a cigar…at the hospital!  A nurse caught him and turned him in to police.  Police refused to release the man’s name, or the gender of his new child.

Could the baby be known as “Mary Jane?” Yuk, yuk, yuk…

Springfield, MA: A thief stole food from a restaurant deliveryman in Springfield.  The thief liked the food so much that he went to the restaurant itself for seconds.  It’s not clear to police whether he was ready to pay or wanted another free lunch.  Employees recognized him and held him for the police.

Good work.  The arrest was made on, what police call, a “second sighting.”  Perhaps, here we had a “second eating.”

Homewood, IL: It has been reported  that police chased down some bank robbers and returned $104,519 in cash.  But there was a problem.  The bank reports that $7,548 is still missing.  The FBI can not account for the money that the US Bank in Homewood says  it is still out. the FBI has asked the bank for another audit, and are considering the theory the money was blown away by the wind during the chase.

Yeah, right!  The other theory is that someone here is lying…

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