Weird Criminal Law Stories 211

Mississippi: A Mississippi man was arrested after it was discovered on surveillance video that he was having sexual intercourse with four prize winning show hogs. Reports further reveal that the man allegedly infected the hogs with a venereal disease.

What a nasty, sick pervert!

Lexington, NC: A North Carolina man was arrested after he called 911 to help him find a prostitute.  He dressed it up by telling Lexington police that he was seeking “a non-emergency domestic escort.” What he received was a trip to jail for misusing the 911 system.

Hello, police…I need….

Massachusetts:  The winter of 2011 has been unusually snowy. Leo Powers of Massachusetts probably tired of shoveling snow got himself arrested.  How? He was arrested for using homemade explosives to blow up snow banks.  Police discovered that Powers, 23, was in possession of military grade ammunition.


Randolph, MA: Johnny Butts, an alleged con man, approached William Pace at a grocery store in Randolph and offered to sell him what turned out to be fake gold jewelry.  He wanted $100 for the trinkets.  The problem with the con?:  Mr. Pace is not only the police chief of the town, he also owns a jewelry store.

Sounds like a double whammy for a flim flammy…

Palmetto, FL: The headline in the New York Post read: “Polly wants a collar.”  A pair of noisy parrots fended off a pair of house burglars in Palmetto by talking and squawking so much that the crooks got flustered and ran away. The birds, who are bilingual, can say “hello” and “money” in English and Spanish.  We understand that their owners plan to give them some peanuts as a reward.

Indeed, Polly wants a collar!

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