Weird Criminal Law Stories 213

El Paso, TX: We learn that a group of handymen in El Paso got a $1 million bonus from a wall.  They were knocking down the wall amid a home renovation when they hit the mother load with a sledgehammer. They, of course, turned over the money to the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, which is investigating.  For those of you who have never been there, El Paso is just across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Finder’s keepers loser’s weepers…

Canada:  Two men in Calgary, Canada were recently arrested for drunken driving and theft after they allegedly stole a Zamboni.  An ice rink employee peered out of his office window just in time to see it slowly drive by. “I see the machine heading outside and I’m thinking what the  heck is going on here.”

For those of you who do not know, a Zamboni is machine that smoothes out the ice on hockey rinks…They cost about a zillion dollars. Idiots!

Mountain View, CA: We don’t get this one! A Colorado firefighter who seemingly enjoyed “pampering” himself was fired for wearing adult sized diapers.  Authorities in Mountain View disposed of Jesse Hodgson, who said he considered diapers part of his protective gear, after he was arrested in his close fitting diaper for sexually assaulting a drunken woman at a party.

Hmmm….How much assaulting can one do in a diaper?

Millville, NJ:  A Millville man arrested for shoplifting explained that he had lost a wager, and had to choose between stealing $50 worth of merchandise at WalMart or running naked through the streets of the town.  Police say Irwin Krakow,58, later expressed regrets of his choice. He told the officers that the fine for running naked would have been smaller than the shoplifting charge.  To add insult to injury his loot from WalMart only totaled $43.82.

Yep, a fool and his money are soon parted.

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