Weird Criminal Law Stories 214

Mexico: A group in Mexico has convinced the government to create the first retirement home for elderly street walkers.  The home in Tepito, called Casa Xochiquetzal, can house up to 45 retired prostitutes, and now has 23.

A few more prostitutes and they can hold their first “ho down.”

England: Here’s one from the New York Post!  We learn that police in England say they recently received a a frivolous 911 call.  Seems an irate citizen called in to report that someone had farted on her dog.  The Post reports that there is no  report on how big a police response the call received, however, they aver that the K9 unit was interested in sniffing out the matter.


Sweden: Seems they chose the wrong victim!  We learn that knife wielding thieves in Sweden thought the 62 year old man using a walker at the ATM machine was an easy target.  Wrong!  The thieves attacked the man at the ATM, but were surprised to learn that he was a retired professional boxer. The boxer, Rolf Klasson shouted, “This is not going to go well.”  He then proceeded to knock out one thief with a left hook and the other with a right jab.


India: A man in India lost it and demanded to be let off  an airplane when he learned that the pilot was woman. The man started shouting after the female pilot came on the intercom before takeoff and started shouting:  “I do not want to die!  She can not take care of the house, how can she take care of the plane?” the man demanded a new pilot and argued for 40 minutes before he was finally taken off the plane and arrested.

Sexist Pig!

Cleveland, OH:  How about this one?  A senior citizen in Cleveland did not incur  criminal charges but  he might want to get to know his grand children a bit better.  The man went to pickup his 3 year old grandson from day care recently, but walked away with another child and did not realize it until after he returned home with the child.  The child was eventually returned to his real home.  We wonder whether the grandpa may have lost his baby sitting duties, or has he gotten new glasses?

Yep, Gramps, at that age they all look alike.  You had better wear your glasses!

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