Weird Criminal Law Stories 215

Germany: Do not do this on your next trip to Germany! A tourist from Canada apparently thought he  was being funny when posing for a photo in front of the Reichstag in Berlin,  he gave the “Heil Hitler” salute. Police  immediately descended upon the 30 year old visitor, who obviously had no idea that Nazi salutes are illegal in Germany.  The man was handcuffed and his camera’s memory card taken.

Hitler actually stole that salute from the ancient Romans: “Heil Kaiser.”

Los Angeles, CA: Yes, this fellow had too much time on his hands.  Maurice Cruz who allegedly made 18,000 crank calls to 911 over a six month period, was finally arrested after local L.A. police got help from the U.S. Secret Service to track him down.


Lincoln, NE: We learn that  when a sheriff’s deputy  pulled over a suspicious pickup truck in Lincoln, he found two men and and two women packed into the front seat . They were all naked.  No word on whether arrests were made.

Apparently, a new twist on “going commando!”

England: How about this relationship!  Charlene Henderson, 24, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Gary Stewart in a jealous rage.  They then immediately made up and had sex as he continued to bleed.  Ms. Henderson was later arrested after her boyfriend went to a hospital to be stitched up.

They say “makeup sex” is the best…

Bellevue, WA: We learn that when girl scouts from Troop 52853 in Bellevue, deposited cookie money at the bank, they learned some of their “dough” was no good. some customer had passed a counterfeit $20 bill to them, and the troop will have to absorb the loss.

We hate to say it but, “That’s how the cookie crumbles.”  Yuk, yuk, yuk….

Denver, CO: How is this for irony.   An arson inspector was investigating several incidents in which automobiles had been set on fire along a street in Denver. As he  was investigating someone sneaked up and ignited his van, setting it on fire.  The van suffered major burns on the left side.  The inspector was said to be boiling over the turn of events.


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