Weird Criminal Law Stories 216

Laurel, MT: When Timothy McCollough of Montana was slapped with a $3,800 suit from a law firm representing a debt collection agency, he refused to pay. Instead, he got his own layer and counter sued.  McCollough  won his action and ended up collecting $311,000 from the lawyers — who had ignored the fact that the statute of limitations had expired. The court awarded him $250,000 for emotional distress, $60,000 in punitive damages and $1,000 because the lawyers had violated the state’s debt collection law.


England: The New York Post reports that a British magistrate was recently arrested at his home.  At his home he had hoarded hundreds of pornography photos and videos of women having sex with animals — including frogs, horses, dogs, donkeys, a gerbil and a snake. Michael hall, 46, admitted to 21 charges and was sentenced to a program for sex offenders.

The Brits are so prudish.  At least he did not have child porn…

Atherton, CA: We learn that a teacher in Atherton rattled the desk of an eighth grade girl because she was not paying attention in class.  The girl then used her cell phone to call 9111.  Instead of giving the student a reprimand for abusing the 911 system, the school suspended the teacher — even though the police found no wrong doing.

The headline read: “It was a class action.”

Salem, OR: It has been reported that a car theft suspect in Salem, fled on foot, but was able to flag down a motorist for a ride.  Unfortunately, the help driver was an off duty police officer, who recognized the suspect and drove him straight away to the police station.


Sweden: A Swedish bank robber who spent three days in a vault looting safe deposit boxes left something behind:  three bottles of urine.  Bad move.  Police tested the urine and found it matched DNA already on file.  The bank robber was soon arrested.


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