Weird Criminal Law Stories 217

Gobles, MI: Here’s a story about trying to save money  on gasoline by buying it wholesale and storing it at home. Not a good idea.  A man admitted storing gasoline in fuel drums in the basement of his Michigan home. in anticipation of higher gas prices.  Sadly enough, something sparked a home fire, and the fuel drums exploded, as was the man’s house.  We learn no one was hurt in the explosion and fire.

The workings of a mental midget!

Los Flores, CA: We learn that Omar Khan, a California student who has watched  the movie “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off” 5,405 time has been sentenced for emulating his hero.  Khan was charged with breaking into his high school and hacking its computer in order to bolster his grades.  he was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and three years’ probation.

I am sure he believes it was worth it.

San Diego, CA: The headline  in the New York Post read, “She was on a bluff in the buff.” The story recounted the fact that police in San Diego had to rescue a naked woman who was stuck on a 450 foot cliff above Black’s Beach, a noted spot for nude sunbathing. Police got her down safely, gave her her clothes — and a citation for disrobing in public.

But, her tan looks fabulous…

Hopewell Township, NJ: A proposed local law in Hopewell Township would limit mating between roosters and hens in backyard pens to 10 days a year — and no more than five consecutive nights.  “It’s a noise issue,” said john Hart,  a law maker who helped draft the ordinance.


Topeka, KS:  A robbery suspect was arrested in Topeka after she decided to attend the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade immediately after holding up a local convenience store.  The 26 year old woman was spotted by police enjoying the parade after they recognized her from security video. We learn that police indicate it was not hard to  spot her.  She was the only one at the parade who wore no article of green clothing.


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