Weird Criminal Law Stories From Florida 2011

Florida: A man loves his incarcerated girlfriend so much he shoplifted two bras for her as a gift, police report.  Now Johnnie Brown,29, is behind bars as his girlfriend prepares to get out of jail in a few days.  After Brown was nabbed at WalMart he allegedly told police, “She has done so much for me… I felt I had to support her.”

OK!  We get it now…Support her…Bras for support.  Yuk, yuk, yuk…

Florida: We learned recently that a Florida lawmaker wants to make it a felony to photograph a farm in the state without written permission of the owner.  The legislation is designed to thwart animal rights activists seeking to document cruel treatment of livestock.

The headline read: “Opponents called it bull.”

Florida: A church called Saturday Night Live in Lake county has put up an illuminated sign announcing, “Scumbags Welcome!” along a highway. The church’s pastor, Moses Robbins, said it’s his mission to minister all of god’s children.

Amen, scumbags…

Florida: Police grilled an East Lee County high School student over his T-shirt, which read, “A friend will help  you move, but a real friend will help you move a body.”  The boy said he had no plans to harm anyone, and was allowed to return to class.

The police have no sense of humor!

Florida: Sheriff’s deputies in Okaloosa County, arrested motorist Mila Birkestrand, 47, who allegedly had crack cocaine on her.  She said she was not a drug user, but had received the crack from a man in exchange for giving him a ride.  The police report said, “She believed the crack cocaine to be legal payment for providing transportation.”

Crack can certainly take you on a trip…

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