Weird Criminal Law Stories 218

Dallas, TX: Nathan Pugh walked into a a Dallas bank and demanded money from a teller, police report.  The teller said she could not comply unless he showed her two forms of identification.  He complied with the request.  he was arrested a short time later.


Virginia: Officials at Hickory Middle School in Virginia suspended a student after he was caught with a bag of dried oregano in his possession.  The school declared it an “imitation controlled substance” because it resembled marijuana. It seems unfair, but it did not help that the student’s name was Adam Grass.

These zero tolerance rules have become beyond silly!  An “imitation controlled substance

Kazakhstan: Traffic police in the central Asian country of Kazakhstan say that the latest craze among  young male drivers is replacing their license plates with signs declaring, “I love sex!” Police report that one 19 year old driver was fined a “stiff” $1,000.

We get it police…A stiff fine.  Ha, ha, ha, ha…

England: A British burglar was nabbed by a laundry basket! Michael Trias, 20 was allegedly stealing from a home and fled through a window.  he landed in a clothes basket and got so tangled that he could not free himself. The homeowner held Trias until police arrived.

Wow! That was some laundry!

Mexico: We learn that marital cheating has become legal in Mexico. The Mexican senate has repealed a law that made adultery a crime punishable by two years in prison. The old  was difficult to enforce.  The offending cheaters had to be caught in the act, which had to take place in the marital home.

How naughty…

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